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What's New


What's new Brothers & Sisters!

Congratulations to Mrs. Butler and Mr. Watts who moved in their very own income based apartment.

A Re-Entry client has been placed on a Maryland income based apartment waitlist.

SIC continue to service the D.C. Jail men and women.

Sisters in Christ would like to Thank all our partners of Apartment Managements for their continue support.

Let us all be mindful to get our affairs in order starting with a beneficiary on all accounts, credit reports, Guardianship(s), insurance policies, POA-Power of Attorney(s), Trust(s) and Will's to secure our love ones.

There is a consistent communication with the Re-Entry sisters/brothers after they are released to go home and others who are transferred to the FEDS.

What's new Youth! 

Youth in Christ has been working with a young lady with mental health and continue with a young brother.

What's new Ministry!

BSICOM, continue to minister to non-believers of Jesus Christ.

Three new brothers are receiving one on one counseling from the Elder inside the walls. There is also communication with man in South Carolina jail as well.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry is a part of CSOSA Faith Based Initiative.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry continues to support our incarceraed men at the DC Jail, a Pen Pal line of communications, and one on one visits as needed.

We continue our weekly "Text a Word" and will continue to service with Baptisms, Bible Studies, Christenings, Counselings, Services, Weddings and so much more......... BSICOM send out Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. West for their marriage on Sept. 2, 2017. Prayer requests will continue to be done on a daily basis.

To become a part of our "Devotional or Word of God" Text list that is sent every Sabbath evening, please email at sistersinchrist@netzero.net or text 301/710-6514 for the Elder.


Remember that we accept donation at our donate tab or mail to the address on the contact tab.                            













What's New with Retreats?


Retreat coming soon for the Re-Entry sisters.