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Brothers in Christ (BIC) began back in 2000 with mentoring and training the youth and men on how to keep up a church property and preparing them for Deconship. BIC would create their first Rap session and assist SIC with their first Aids/HIV Awareness Workshop.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry (BSICOM) for Department of Corrections has been on-going for over (6) years now at the DC Jail on a monthly basis. We continue to service inmates at the Bureau of Prisons across the country.

There are requests to substitute for other Elders, Facilitators and Speakers at the DC Jail. BSiCOM has been requested for prayer by the female inmates at Central Treatment Facility (CTF) and Correction Corporation of America (CCA)

Brothers in Christ served the Kensington Nursing & Rehabilitation Home in Kensington, MD for over two (2) years with services on a monthly basis.

Brothers & Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry services extended to The Manor of Victoria Park for over two years with counseling, family support mentoring, church services,  & transportation. We continue to reach out to others who are in need of our services.

Brothers i& Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry (BSICOM)

The ministry does bible study, prayer, weddings, funerals, marriage counseling, youth jobs, bible donations, and so much more.....






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Brothers thought!!

Don't judge a man by what you hear from others. But judge a man by the relationship you make with him.

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To Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins on their Anniversary on June 11, 2018.

Many blessings and much success.