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Sisters in Christ & So Much More (SIC)


A vision was given to a sister back in 1999 to share her story with women she did not know at that time. In the year of 2000 she told her story to ten (10) women and presented the very first retreat in Potomac, MD. To date (8) Retreats has been given, a church retreat coached, a young brothers & sisters retreat, a HIV/Aids Workshop & many one on one counseling services.

In 2008 she was given another vision to do prison ministry and not know how or when this would happen. To date over seven years later we are now operating as a facilitator in the Department of Corrections/Central Treatment Facility(CTF)/Correction Corporation of America(CCA) on a daily basis. SIC has changed the lives of many to include all walks of life. We are now a part of several organizations such as CSOSA Faith Based Initiative, Prince Georges Executive Board Round Table, Maryland Affordable Supportive Housing (M.A.S.H) and other Agencies changing the lives of many and making a difference.

We have serviced the CSOSA Lifetime Makeover and the CSOSA Woman Fair.

Sisters in Christ has been a sponsor for our Elderly to receive Income Based Apartments since 1999 and continuing.

As an 501(3)C Non-Profit organization we have assisted in placing the elderly, homeless, parent(s) with children, people with addictions, returning citizens, single(s) & teens into their own apartments, clients with homeownership, jobs, transitional housing, treatment facilities and clients re-united back with their families and we continue to make a difference.

Sisters in Christ & So Much More will continue to give back to our Community.


We appreciate all donations and volunteers.




SIC Monthly Events

Sisters in Christ consistently facilitate at DC Jail, Central Treatment Facility(CTF) and Correction Corporation of America(CCA) on a daily basis.

SIC meet monthly with the CSOSA Faith-Based Initiative, Prince George's Roundtable Board for Maryland and Department of Correction(DOC) Linc Meeting. There are many changes being made for Re-Entry Citizens.

The work is never done we continue to get calls consistently from agencies, attorney's, family members, about housing, jobs, referrals, transitional, treatment and so much more.




Mission Statement & Question of the day

Mission Statement

Our mission is to join together in love, support, encouragement & unity through life circumstances & the Word of God.


Question of the day

Do you have a relationship with God?

So Much More

So Much More consist of Brothers in Christ (BIC), Youth in Christ (YIC), Churches in Christ (CIC), Couples in Christ (CoIC), Familes in Christ (FIC) and Brothers & Sisters in Christ Outreach Ministry (BSICOM). So Much More is about outreaching to the community and offering hope, encouragement, enlightment and strength to all.

Young Brothers & Sisters in Christ = Youth in Christ (YIC).  Youth in Christ held retreats at Rockwood Manor in Potomac, Maryland in the early 2000's.

Families in Christ (FIC) and Couples in Christ (CIC) continue to grow with our re-entry females and their families.

Department of Correction has honored BIC/SIC with Awards from 2012 - 2018

Brothers & Sisters in Christ were honored with the George Strawn Award and a Department of Corrections Award with a ceremony in 2013. 

Services: We offer a whole range of resources on a case by case basis such as housing, family support, clothing, and so much more.....

Non-Profit Organization

501(C)3 in DC & Maryland

Tax ID upon request